Lets Explore

My inferior mind , whenever looks at the sky, wishes to know every possible dimension of the universe.This inferiority of my mind is a gift tome by the holy nature.This inferiority derives an urge inside me to knw to explore to live life lk an adventurous journey.our perspectives defines our selves and i blv a positive perspective helps us to maintain our selves with the flow of cosmic energy which transcends through many realms.

World is beautiful and more beautiful is the inner world.To explore is to let the hidden come to reality and for me letting my inner-Image

self to interact with the cosmos is the real exploration.its deep its energetic its peaceful ,nonviolent and its spiritual.The journey is not external instead its internal that is going into your self.
You are the source and you are the sink thr is no external source of energy its you and only u.You can feel it when you are calm –the power of self.So being calmer is being powerful.our mind should always strive to achieve calmness coz balance is law of nature.Everything tends towards equilibrium so is our mind body and soul .Its our duty to always strive to achieve equilibrium.Only a calm mind can concentrate and can distinguish.to achieve to contribute we need to be calmer.Explore Peace of mind and you shall find ……


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