U r All Alone, On Your Own

So slow the wind of change blows
sometimes humidity play games
sweating makes life a living hell
patient mind , body and soul
all it takes to crawl
left alone in the middle of gust
U are all alone , on ur own

people will come , people will go
eternity my frn is a poisonous blow
look around and u will find
thr is no one, when adversity is all around
Hold on you feeble mind
ur strength lies in adverse times
U are all alone , on your own

u will fall and u will rise
blow over blow will come by ur sight
dont loose the will , preserve and be calm
perseverance will take u to new realms
know that bad or good is transient
Livin in the moment can only help
have faith on ur strength
coz u r all alone , on your own…..

Dedicated To all my frns who were by my side……
I love you all


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