Right TO Life Leads To Right TO Healthy Environment

Growth And disparity

Indian enigma of growth has mesmerized not only the growth statics but people around the world too.The rise of Indian elephant and replacing japan as the third largest economy was merely a lost opportunity to convert  growth into economic development.Our mass urban renovation plans including JNNURM failed to make any mark and sticking of govt still with the same approach shows the incompetence at the Think tank level.

What we failed to achieve was the redressal mechanism for a good governance system.We failed to covert opportunity of growth into development which is quite visible by the spread of slums around the capital.As a proud citizen of one of the largest Democratic system what we wished from our govt is to establish  equal participation in the benefits that growth and resources generated over the decade.

I have  spent quite a lot of time in slums of Delhi and what i found was very disturbing for any individual.The living conditions over here are disgusting and frustrating.There is no dignity in life here.To imagine such a life in the capital of worlds third largest economy shatters my dreams of growth because growth with this kind of inequality is of no use to common masses.What is the prime most priority of a govt ?? For me it is to provide its citizens with basic facilities and amenities and to ensure in time grievance redressal .Delhi govt has failed on both the platforms.

Right To life

our constitution has provided us with some basic fundamental rights which ensure our freedom and participation as an individual in a socially just society.One of the most important of all the fundamental rights is Right To Life prescribed in Article 21; Right to Life and Liberty ensures that no individual shall be deprived of his personal liberty until and unless justified by the procedure as established by the law.The Supreme court of India has gone further to establish the fact that Right to Life has more to ensure , that is Right to life means more than mere existence as human and includes a life with dignity.Hence Right to Life also covers right to Healthy and good environment for Growth which our constitutionally elected  govt has failed to ensure.The Prime need of a healthy society are healthy individuals and for that we need healthy and good environment for the proper physical and mental growth of individuals.In slums and around India , Indian state has failed to achieve or create this hence deprived its citizens of a right ensured by the constitution.

The mass malnutrition spread in the slums due to unhygienic environment ha s created a havoc and condition becomes more worse in rainy season.Govt Servants are missing from parks and parks have become a place for mosquito breeding instead of being a place to facilitate child growth.Children are stunted because of malnutrition and availability of doctors at cheap and affordable price is a farsighted dream.Even govt hospitals can mesmerize u with long ques.

This whole scenario shutters the Indian image of growth engine and presents an image of mass inequality and vulnerability of Indian masses.It is govt s utmost responsibility to ensure each and every citizen of what he/she deserves and above all a healthy environment where he can feel free, live healthy and can envisage a bright future for his/her children.Life without Dignity is no life at all and A socially just and capable govts first priority is to ensure an equitable environment for its citizen.Only then The dream of Bharat Nirman will come true.



3 thoughts on “Right TO Life Leads To Right TO Healthy Environment

  1. I can connect to your concern for the languishing pace of equitable development in our country. As you said, you have worked in the slums of delhi – what the people living in the slums want to do about it?? And what is in there capacity to change in their environment ?? Govt. is the one to blame for this disparity, totally agree, but I would also like to understand that is there any self-changing capacity in our slums.( I am not criticizing people from slums; its only about an model of development I brood about in my pass time )

    • Thr is a guy whom i got enrolled in tenth through NIOS.He wish to become a graduate and thr are lots like him.All they need is an opportunity , proper guidance some psychological help and some monetary.its all abt welfare economics.They have immense capability.u knw what i find them absolutely brilliant with creativity.Absolutely thr is self changing capacity but that also need knowledge of self evaluation.We all do that but very few of us get the positive out of it coz most of us ruminate.the education system in govt schools is absurd.its not healthy.Education –u have to feed education to develop capacity , possibility, introspection, change.And they lack it seriously.

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