Concepts & Contradictions

“Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains” quoted Rousseau unaware of the fact that women too are born free or may be he was bewildered by the existing patriarchy.Why he presumed that man is born free? When death liberates us from the confinement of not only this body but virtual world too then why and how a man is born free?conflicting and full of perplexity isn’t it?Why he argued that men is everywhere in chains ?What was his context?What was he trying to prove?This all will get clear if my readers will go through The Social contact written by Rousseau.

Well we are not here trying to criticize him instead we are trying to find answers to some very important questions.Questions like what is freedom?Can freedom be Absolute if not then why if yes than hw and why?Is personal freedom a conception or its a perception based on experience? freedom of mind and freedom of expression or free will , liberty are they interrelated or they differ individually or they can exist individually?

Someone asked my friend that “what is freedom”?She Replied “The human mind loves complications.give the mind something simple( truth- experience change)&it dissolves.And u are free”.It took me days to understand this simple concept or you can call it inability of an untrained mind to perceive.What did she tried to state by that answer.Let us put that statement into a larger context and see what does she means.We humans are the most intelligent species on the earth and the reason behind this extraordinary capability is curiosity.Curiosity generates complexities since mind has a limited capability to perceive therefore it tries to engage and obtain knowledge by solving those complexities and hence it loves complexities.Let us consider that our vision is barred by a wall and we are unable to see beyond that wall.This means that the wall has confined our vision and we are not free to see beyond that wall.What  shall we do?Shall we break that wall? Exactly what that she was asking to do , that is to supply mind with truth or change or experience and it becomes free,Free to see beyond that wall , free to perceive beyond that complexity.Now the very important question that arises here is” with respect to what has mind became free? It’s the transient complexity which itself is an inability of mind to perceive what shall be perceived.This makes an interesting conclusion that Freedom can’t be absolute since it is a relative phenomenon and hence its authenticity can be challenged on the basis of perspective and context or in the language of science i would say freedom is all about relativity.

What is relativity? Einstein described it beautifully ,he said “When you sit  with a beautiful girl an hour sounds like a second and when you sit on a burning flame a second sounds like an hour”.This is relativity .Let us consider a yogi who is in the state of Moksha a state defined as the immersion of ” self” into greater self.He is in tranquility ,absolute tranquility.He has overcome the meager confinements of mind like ego.Its not that he has no ego instead he has ego but its harmless.How ? How is his ego harmless? As Ramanna Maharishi said that In state of Moksha the ego is like a burnt rope although it has shape but its useless and hence harmless.For the yog– This is absolute freedom, since he believed that Materialism and all other conceptions of personality are a hindrance towards his path to liberation.Now change the perspective and you will find him confined to the illusion created by His notion of freedom.

My friend said , “To gain freedom we have to surpass intellectualism.You can read texts about freedom but a true seeker wants to experience.Experience is not with the head but heart”.I absolutely agree with her that Freedom is all about experience.A seeker of freedom wishes to experience it.We cant confine freedom inside the doors of intellectualism.Freedom means breaking all the barriers to let the soul do the talking. Freedom means opening up the inner world and let it interact with the cosmos.Let us consider an opera actor who all of a sudden became abusive towards the public and when tried for it in court of law justified it under his personal freedom of he justified , off course not , why?, because Freedom is the experience of I in the world.Its not just confined to him alone.What he justified as his right is his act of abuse and hence liable to be punished as he disturbed the circle of society.Freedom can’t be absolute as absolute freedom will create anarchy which will disturb the social and Natural order.

Freedom of mind as i perceive is the ability of mind to fly effortlessly transgressing every boundaries , transcending many realms, to travel beyond the dimensions of time and space.But can it be Absolute? What are the possible limitations ,if we had no knowledge of universe and parallel universe? If complexity bounds freedom– truth ,experience &change frees it .Does that means, conception of freedom of mind is confined to the alternate truth–complexity cycle? What about moral& ethical boundaries ? What about society based  taboos? If its beyond Ethical and moral boundaries than can corruption be justified on the basis of freedom from ethical and moral accountability?

Freedom and Society

The whole structure of a society is based on certain set precedents, rules, rational or irrational traditions and cultural practices which are bestowed upon the members of the society by birth.In this way we can say that “Man is born free and every where he is in chains.”

Every society has its own justification for its practices , rules and regulations which according to modern thought sometimes contradicts the very idea of freedom and sometimes are conflicting in nature.For example since the modern thought is based on modern education , Rule of law, secularism, humanity , scientific and rational thinking therefore it has contradictions with rest of the civilizations which has created many conflicts, which cannot be termed as conflict of ideas instead shall be addressed as conflict between different civilizations to protect there freedom to follow there own concepts ,ideas, culture and religion and hence prohibit the extinction of there civilization.Women are free to exercise there rights in a western civilizations but they are not free in Islamic or Hindu civilization.Different civilization have different conception of freedom.Modern thought is the only prevalent thought which is rational and breaks taboos and release people minds from  rigid conceptions and hence shall be followed to create equality by invigorating freedom.

Freedom and Sustainability 

A sustainable model of society, environment, civilizations is the only way to grant freedom to the most possible extent.Freedom should enhance sustainability and should be complementary rather than condescending to the sustainability.Freedom is not a force its a right as justified brilliantly by Rousseau.In the hand of oppressor its a force with which he tries to justify his every act with impunity and hence creates dissent.In the hand of weaker its a right with help of which he/she tries to claim what is lawfully his/ hers.Another question that arises that ,are laws a barrier in the way of freedom? Irrational ,arbitrary & unreasonable  law’s indeed are and hence shall be abolished but a law which creates equality and justifies its presence by rational arguments cant be a barrier in the way of freedom since no freedom is absolute.therefore freedom shall be sustainable or else it will lead to chaos.

Freedom and Accountability

Accountability restricts the unwanted exercise of freedom.It prohibits implication of freedom as a force and facilitates its implication as a creates transparency and create Liability.Accountability generates faith and trust.Let us consider an individual who belongs to a community where he can exercise polygamy but he forbids to do that since is morally accountable to his wife.In-spite of the wide exercise of polygamy the individual forbids to do so although he is free to do so.This helps us to understand the possible ramifications of not having accountability.

Freedom, Law and State

The first hand written document that guarantees freedom was Magna Carta.Why Law came into existence?Why there was a need to have a written constitution?Do Law restricts freedom or it guarantees freedom?Why state works inside the prescriptions of constitutions and always attempts to enhance its power to crush the freedom of people?

From time immemorial autocratic tyranny caused tribulation and diissent over  exercise of freedom as a force by the Regnant and hence revolutionized the oppressed class to demand , what is rightfully there’s.This lead to formation of written constitution so that Autocratic power or freedom can be confined inside the walls of the constitution.Constitution helped the common man to devolve the autocratic power and this dilapidated the autocratic despotism which lead to the establishment   of a more democratic , socially just and equal society of which Rule of law is the base.Rule of law removed the arbitrary nature of legislative and justified judicial interpretation of freedom on the basis of sound rational discretion.It helped in the dissemination of information and hence created and truly equal and free atmosphere which exists with certain anomalies.Democracy empowered by the modern thought invigorated common masses and devolved the power of states to the people and continuous modifications in governance  enhanced the accountability and transparency and therefore  created a free atmosphere..Freedom in a state is defined as the exercise of the freedom guaranteed by the constitution or the judiciary on sound rational reasons .Restrictions on the freedom is justified on reasonable grounds and this justifies that no freedom is absolute.In a democratic state, state is the facilitator of the freedom.It ensures that none should be deprived of its rights and works to maintain faith in governance.Freedom is defined only to restrict it self under certain reasonable restrictions so that none’s right shall create chaos.State and law maintains equilibrium in the society and prohibits abuse of freedom.They should ensure rather than curtail freedom.

Freedom Perception  or Conception

Freedom is a conception for untrained mind and is  based on perception for a trained mind.Freedom is the state of joy that we feel after complexity is removed.Freedom removes illusions.It is freedom that removes delusions.let us consider a person who is walking down the road inside a park having lush green canopy.The wind is blowing mildly and clouds have engulfed the red sun.The person turns himself against the wind and his conception is to experience the wind.He stretches out his arms and closes his eyes .His senses starts to work and he starts to realize the soothing & tranquil nature of the wind.He realizes that the wind is cold though it   invigorates his soul , body , heart and mind.This is perception.Freedom is perception of human soul and conception for mind.


We are immortal souls in mortal body and our true freedom exits beyond the confinements of this body.This body which is transient and sometimes incapable & weak is a hindrance for  soul to feel the essence of life beyond illusions & imaginations.One day the beauty of death will remove the pernicious perplexity of life and will end the cycle of non-ending sorrows.

“I Tell You Truly, Everything You Now See Will Vanish Like a Dream.”

~Rumi ♥




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  1. Plzr. Absolutely , well the whole notion belongs to her , i just tried to put my views and explore some possible dimensions within and beyond time and space.Thanks for ur Remarks , they are valuable .
    tk cr

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