Kill Rationalist & Rationalism Will Flourish

Modern thought gave us something very important  , something revolutionary which broke all preconceived notions , all prejudices , all beliefs,all irrationality.It changed the Perspective of Human species for once and all.This was The revolutionary” Rationalism”.The modern scientific and rational thoughts shook the base of all the cultural and social evils and Brought people back to the consciousness from unconsciousness.Rationalism created a modern society where people co-exist irrespective of there cast, creed, sex ,orientation, religion, social status, ideologies etc.It provided a much needed healthy base for the establishment of a modern democratic society with freedom and rule of law.Where Equality is the only existing conception.Rationalism was the motivating force behind many social, political and cultural revolutions.That is why it created enemies for it self as thr established regime were endangered by the very existence of rationalism.

Indian Socio-religious movement it self was highly influenced by the Modern thought, from Raja Rammohan Roy to Vivekananda every reformer was rational in his arguments and tried to break the cycle of set precedents, established practices and skewed ideas.They themselves were haunted by the fanatics and fascists .Many attempts were made to kill them but they all prevailed like a lotus in mud.

The recent murder of rationalist Narendra Dabholkar is another example of atrocity of fanatics and fascist forces which do not wish rationalism to ignite the ability inside the people to question things that are  irrational and absurd in nature.As a Fiery rationalist his contribution to the Society are numerous.He was a true Gandhian and a die hard Pacifist who even refused to Take state security cover.His countless contributions will create a life long impact on the masses and he will be remembered not only for his contribution but also for the sacrifice that he made to keep the fire of rationalist ideas alive and flourishing.

Rationalism is the essence of human existence and intelligence.Religious fanatics find it against there vested interests and therefore are always employed to crush it .They are unaware of the fact that they can’t kill rationalism coz its embedded in  the human zeal to raise questions.They can remove rationalist but they cannot remove the perplexity created by Religious extremism which will enhance the human zeal to not only question but also to challenge the pernicious clouds of superstition and set beliefs and taboos.Remember its the body that dies  because its mortal, but what abt the ideas, conceptions, perceptions, They are immortal , they will prevail and somehow manage to find another revolutionary.You can kill a person or two but what abt masses who liberate themselves.

As Che Guevara said ” I don’t care if I fall as long as someone else picks up my gun and keeps on shooting”.You can kill rationalist but you cant let rationalism from flourishing .It will flourish like a blossom even without spring.

“I know you are here to kill me. Shoot, coward, you are only going to kill a man.”

Che Guevara


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