IN Arms Of Nature I Found My self again &Again

Since the moment my world shambled into pieces, nature has been the greatest supporter of my desperate soul.I use to visit a park on daily basis and i have found Nothing is as Heeling and soothing than the time that i spend thr in absolute solitude.Although sparrows are nw endangered and vultures are absolutely extinct thr but yet crows are the attention seekers.Swifts and peagons are in abundance thr its only trees that are missing.Daily i spend my time sitting in the park on the stairs of a huge pond cum lake which is extinct nw coz they wanted to develop a water park thr but failed to achieve so due to some PIL shit (as they kol it).Well I have heard that the lake was a great wetland and represented a great biodiversity but of no use to human kind coz, its the space that they love specially full of concrete jungles.Wordsworth wud have been amazed by the soothing nature of the one and only specie present in the park yeah the dominant one , absolutely none other than The great humans , displacing rest of the species and justifying it in the name of survival of the fittest as if fittest has no brain.Rest of the things are chaotic and its better i skip them.My pateince and concentration is amazing isnt it that in this chaotic atmosphere i am able to find solitude and can concentrate on my self.Well its all because of nature That i feel energetic every morning , that i can breathe some fresh air , that I still can find many reasons to live …I hope nature will not perish coz in the arms of nature i found my self again and again


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