“Yes To defend is Communalism”

“To defend ur religion is not communalism “
, Argued one of my tenth class student.Healthy Argument indeed and must be explored deeper to get a more wider understanding of the issue.One must question What is at stake? In a country of more than 75% of hindu’s , are thr religious rights at stake? Can it be possible that in a country ruled by Hindus for more than 60 years , The Hindu religion needs to defense it self? What are the possible outcomes of a defensive attitude of Hinduism(majority) in India for minority religions? will it fill them(minorities) with panic? Can defensive attitude of a majority religion in a secular nation be offensive in nature ? What about the hostility that a possible targeting of certain minority religion can create? Is it a mask that extremist wear to carry out thr selfish motives?In a world whr Atheism is the third biggest religion do these fanatic argument stand a chance? How do the non religious classify them in a secular nation when even judiciary is deeply influenced by religious as well as ritualistic notions?
It is in-fact a matter of great contemplation that , to defend a majority religion against possible minority hostilities and suppression can create a furor in the minds of majority who then will wish to wipe out rest of the minority to create a so called “pure”hindu nation.ANd this my friend is communalism. In a state governed by a written constitution which empowers each and every citizen with freedom to perform its religious rights under the protection of Article 19 that is freedom of conscious and religious rights , the rights of every individual shall be equally justified irrespective of religion caste creed …
As Rawl’s stated in his luminary work, A Theory off Justice, that, Justice at the cost of few to many cannot be argued as justice, since in a just society every individuals rights are as important as that of majority.And the suppression of rights of minority to protect rights of the majority is nothing less than a genocide of rights and individuals as well.


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