“Fragility Of Our Feeble Mind”

The divinity of being human and the glorification of Religion , goes contradictory to one another.The Belief ,In transmigration of soul and the agility with which we accommodate contradictory beliefs into a continuum is a significant achievement of Human.Religion conceived as a set of beliefs inherited genetically but modified by environment, at times looks abstract and abstruse to bounded rational human mind , leading to what we call catastrophe , a complete devastation of fragile human intellect.Our Failure to develop our own conceptions and rather being driven by the melodramatic propaganda and bigotry of Religious mongers , shows fragility of our feeble mind.The need to define neutrality in words of secularism instead of imbibing a rebellious spirit to notions and nuances which oppose our wishful thinking , develops a decorum whr discipline lies in following blindly to what has been asserted without reason.Depriving our soul from frshness of ideas and dew of thinking , we slip along the slope into the deep dark caves of profound mockery of wisdom , a cave where only chaos sets in so as to multiply itself like virus , ready to be injected intravenously into the humans , debilitating thr faith in one self and rather getting them ready to get influenced and manipulated to serve vested interests.A pure mockery Of Rationality and The most Powerful mind in all animals.



One thought on ““Fragility Of Our Feeble Mind”

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