” Seeking Some meaning “

Wandering SOul

Two months summer vacations and we were on. my village was the most beautiful thing for me , it still is but yet degenerated a little bit.Collecting mangoes during nights, storms , rains. Making swirls while its all cloudy above our heads. Looking for babu ji so passionately as if our world use to start and end with him. It generally was. Catching birds, watching birds, playing cricket with village boys. Fishing in summer afternoons when Baba ji used to sleep.

SOmetimes fun for us was spoiling and destroying our neighbors garden and some times it was to swim with cows and buffaloes in the pond. Mangoes were our fvrt past times. And with night falling upon us , seeking a destination in stars with Amma gi’s short stories, most of which were less beautiful then being told. we use to make heard around her and use to fight over…

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