“What Is It”

What Is it That Drives mind out of its arena of rationality to do things inconceivable to normal human mind?? What is it That digs up the hidden passion from within to the floor and forces us to do things which though consciously achieved but cant be consciously imagined of??? What Is it that divides the mother from its child?? what is it that makes us loose our own identity and merge us all into a common identity?? how , how and How can an idea overtake the very mind which generated it ?? What is it that allows an idea to not only shape but to engulf our identity?? How out of our ignorance we generate more ignorance?? What Is it That hinders our vision, hinders our sight , hinders our consciousness , hinders our sensitivity hinders our feelings , feelings of compassion , love , tolerance , and forgiveness for fellow brethren ??? What is it that turns an idea into an ideology and an ideology into an identity and an identity into violence ??? Why do we wish to enforce our own ideology onto others ?? Do we like slaves ??? or are we slaves ?? Slaves , of fragile ideas, or rigid personality?? Slaves , of feeble minds or incoherent identity, or soundless blind sights?? What is it that makes us loose our own vision and we are all driven , driven like a paper in the storm .?? what Is the limit of our satisfaction?? When and how we gonna feel that the questions are wrong pretentions of our self and actually we all are far away from questions , we all are living in abyss , an abyss of hollow future less harsh reality, of which we hardly have an idea or even if we have , we are so drowned into the abyss that we have become part of it or it has become a part of us and hell , we just dont wish to go beyond , go out and face the reality?? What is it that makes us so regressive?? what is it that makes power so desirable ?? Even when its the most delusional thing ?? even when we know it corrupts us ?? what is it that asks us to kill our own ethos and morality just taste the bitter salt of Power ?? what is it ??? What is it that kills the human within and lets the monster to ride the body ????What is It ????????????????????


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