” How we should tackle Abyss”

An expression of confinement probably is the hardest thing to be described in words.An affair with an eternal abyss , an abyss of mortal dreams or no dreams at ol, may be some say that it belongs to despair but to me despair is entirely truly a different thing. This abyss is different, its deficient of light and far away from reality.Though there are no illusions but the conscience is as dead as attention. Reality stands at an arms length but we are infinitely away from it.Its choking , it chokes our entire efforts to contain and carry our discontents but the discontents the trauma’s are not even ready to elude it.The abyss is a multiverse , we keep diving and diving and diving. The abyss is a Black hole which consumes every inch of ur effort and makes ur escape impossible.U feel like trapped , and ur soul seeks to evaporate ignorant of the fact that nothing can escape infinite gravity field.

This continuous fight of ego and superego in freud terms is more of a personality disorder which rather than shaping our personality , sucks up even the rest of life out of us.The abyss is a dark hole , the black hole U knw the event horizon and the singularity frm whr even light fails to escape. How a poor soul like ours can escape from this infinitely cruel cycle of destitution and deprivation.This intellectual inertia cant be broken by some serious assertion reasoning and this is no UPSC CSAT that one can fight for medium. The approach needs some serious irrationality some intelligence rather than rational behavior because some times imaginations can only be answered in the language of imaginations , more wide , more wild and more vivid. This imaginative and pretentious abyss is formulation of schema developed out of some past experiences and may be failures , some ego falls and some helplessness generated out of vulnerability created by our utter incompetence to deal with circumstances in hand.We hope that we will be able to avoid the fall and this same assumption makes our fall inevitable. The invincibility of abyss is a refuge of our non imaginative action, normative culture and social behavior.Our affair with incompetence shall stop as soon as possible. we cant bear the fortune of negligence of some thing which is eating up from inside.Freedom is an act of rebellion from the pervasive idea.Freedom lies not in our conception of having luxuries or amenities at will but in our capacity to develop an atmosphere of happiness, an atmosphere where compassion lies at the core of every heart.What is the benefit of Freedom if one fails to spend time with one’s own self without any fear of falling into an abyss of inactivity or social boycott.Freedom is a revolution which nt only revolutionizes the  core , the mantle but also the atmosphere surrounding the body, for what is happiness and content,  if it fails to generate more happiness and content.If falls are inevitable so is rise …..

To Be continue


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