” Autumn is the second spring when every leaf becomes flower (Albert Camus)”

And when you laid your head on my shoulder, all of me melted, melted like white winter snow, all of me submerged into all of you. It felt cold , cold like fear of loosing one’s identity , cold like loosing one;s own state , one;s own individuality one;s own ego. I was in fear, fear of loosing you and all of


sudden you swirled your arms around me like an epiphyte.All my fears , All that made me felt cold , All my despairs, disappeared And dissolved into the worm hole of last moment.We are time travelers , traveling in time and space and love is the reason. But some times I wish to forget reason’s , meanings as if without being involved in any sort of contemplation is the real aspiration & goal of me.The Sumo was moving fast on steep

slopes of mountains. Behind us was a 5000 ft deep valley and ahead of us a curvy road full of blind curves.Fear was imminent for a mortal soul, but dipped in love she soaked all my fears , like every thing which generates fear melted away with that snow.She was as fiery as a mountain . And she went into a deep slumber , for the comfort of my arms and support of my shoulder was all that she sought for. The way girls seek love is amazing, they wont tell you , but they love to lie naked in your arms for eternity.They wish you to seek them while they are seeking you too. They wish you to hold them while they are holding you too. They wish you to blow thr mind when they are blowing all ur miseries too. They wish to swirl around you while they wish you too be the centripetal force balancing distance and merger simultaneously. .They wish you to tease them while retaliating in annoyance. Girls are full of action and reaction.They are full of chemical kinetics. Thr’s a spring and autumn simultaneously struggling to find life inside them.All they need you to tell them that ” Autumn is the second spring when every leaf becomes flower (Albert Camus)” …..


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