Why do We need Symbolic representation ?? why not hard solutions for genuine problems???

Symbolic representation like in the picture  is done I blv , to catch imagination of people and to create  illusions so as to generate perfect reasons for procrastination. Power which is thought as a mean to facilitate hard solution often fails its prescribed role and becomes an end in itself.Power than means accumulation of more power and for that the benefit lies in keeping problems persistent in time and space.
People are impatient for the immediate redressal of their problems and symbolic 10264094_10154844142545245_862282618765283278_orepresentation creates the required myth or illusion and hence puts the grievances in cold.

1836848_10154844143140245_856774329647188375_o.Symbolic representation is also necessary to perpetuate  propaganda on a virtual ground so that  it remains popular in public discourse and vested interest can earn political points.This also helps followers of the concerned political party to make a stand against the critics, for visibility even on virtual grounds seems unarguable to them, which certainly is not.
The announcement of real hard solution needs time and coherent effort in right direction which requires many discerning but like minded people who can create consensus in any democratically elected or constituted think tank or body.And for that one requires ample of time , Then hw can we maintain the faith of people in governance , A way is symbolic representation , it creates an illusion that the governance is at work or the political leadership is in action while they might be smoking marijuana i n some corner .


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