GodMan and Us

To create a deeper passion which makes our senses idle and our capability to distinguish between right and wrong jeopardized , is an art. Those who excel in it transcend themselves into godmen. They make people incapable of rationalizing arguments and taking stands of their own. The manipulation of minds to such a degree is indeed a part of emotional intelligence that a Godmen possess due to his/her excellent argumentative as well as rather emotive manipulating skills.He blocks the cognitive capability of people who fail to hear any divergent arguments.The skills are developed and cultivated due to voracious human resource management capabilities.You often will find Godmen as Fiery orators , who have the capacity as well as capability to mesmerized masses with their side of truth. They all have certain truth in their hand which they proclaim as the undisputed truth.The steady accumulation of power makes them vulnerable as critics start to look at them as a fear to the sovereignty of the individual, which indeed is true.Sometimes I fail to understand the premise of the arguments of their followers. Are the arguments well thought ? Do they infact carry a premise or they are rather a culmination of emotional overflow? Thats really a remarkable point to ponder on.I have found by reading several comments, that most of the arguments in favor of the Godmen are rather premise less. they are hollow and they all show the same rhetoric which infact points degradation of followers consciousness.More of the followers take the truth as it is and fail to seek their own truth and that means as a Godmen u need to have the capability to influence masses to such an extreme level that they loose their own control over their own consciousness. The ego than starts to seek a confirmation of the manipulated version of truth and the words themselves provide the fodder to the ego.A question that also arises from this version of interpretation is that , How can we break this cycle of producing godmen?


2 thoughts on “GodMan and Us

  1. Good post on a topic I have been interested in a lot, because I was brought up in a family that was/is a devotee of one such so called “godmen” – Sai Baba. I don’t even like the word “Godman” for such people, there’s not much “Godly” in what they are doing.

    The only way to break this cycle I feel is Education. It’s a supply/demand issue too, right now there’s a large demand for them, so such folks are there to fulfill it. And how to kill the demand? Educate our children. Not education that’s filled with memorizing and blind obedience, but true education, that teaches critical thinking skills. When people are truly educated, they will think for themselves, and realize the fake logic these people use, they’ll stop worshipping them, the demand will go down, and eventually so will the supply.

    • I agree with you friend. Information is the life line of life .we all must raise awareness no matter hw defiant and rigid our opponent is , we must educate him by our arguments not force.I hope like many of u too will raise the level of conscious of people.Thank You for standing by and giving your prestigious time.I m truly honored.Stay blessed

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