Spirituality can’t be dissociated with religion, its an integral part of religion as its merely an exaggeration of it. The belief that an omnipresent soul exists and that spirit of each and every individual is unique in its essence looks unreasonable but yet optimistic.Its a sign of optimism or may be pessimism. The mere exuberance of making spirituality a goal dismays me , for reason fails to join hands with illusions. The self is mighty , mightier than the god and it forces us to envisage things which we can pursue to satisfy its ever expanding needs. The presence of souls , all unique looks mystical , for if each soul is unique and different then do we have a factory to generate new soul every nw and then ?? This questions haunts me every now and then ? This non ending ,multiplicity fails to pick a cause ? and effect is a meager premise on which a very tall argument stands , remaining undisturbed from centuries. We all are lumps of energy and to me the world and mind ie matter and mind are different and matter has its genesis earlier than the mind. spirituality is nothing but dissolving your self into a greater self.Its like a river merging into an ocean. its end of duality. The ego ends , it stands dissolved like a burnt rope (Ramanna Mahirishi ) having form bt no wt. Like love.


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