LapTop and my Subtle world

Sometimes i use to watch my lap top screen for hours.I often find my self getting too much absorbed into the brightness that the screen emits.Its kinda fascinating , magnetic and dynamic thing. Thr has been a pile of dust over it but yet the light breaks through the barrier of layers and hits me with a striking force as if it wishes to forward a lesson, that no matter how dusty the circumstances might be thr is always a way through.It kinda enlightening at times and sometimes it kinda full of amnesia , full of nausea and at times its full of nostalgia.Getting doomed by thoughts while your eyelids strive so hard to maintain the integrity of eyes. I often try to explore what makes us so alive in light , is it mere presence of light as an enriching source of energy or is it much more than that.But me, I like dark.Lights frightens me , i like the corner seat , whr dark. heralds the conscience of mine and i can get lost in subtle world of my own.


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