” will i be never lonelier than i m or will i ever be able to smile like i use to”

Wandering SOul

I m vulnerable again , m shaking, my hands are shivering and voice is grim full of pain and anxiety. I saw u again, though intentionally , tears drop making thr way down the cheek playing around my nose like m a mockery of past that yet persists but only in my mind and no where else.Ohh That smiling face that i always wished to see, why that hurted me the most , Am i not happy coz u are happy , or as if it has nothing to do with ur or mine happiness or does it matters at ol. fingers are struggling with key pads , eyes are searching for rgt alphabets , every thing seems blurred to me. DO i miss u ..It seems i miss the person whom i love the most , u are nothing more than a fable to me , a story told…

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