A gust of wind touched my face.It was cold but sweet.I was packed from toes to neck. Only my face was open.I realized a sense of amazing eagerness to turn my face towards the wind and let it strike me once more.I followed my zeal. The wind was blowing with good speed.The trees were in joy, after all the wind blew after a heavy rain that made trees dance like a doped head.None of the trees on the side way are greater than than 12ft tall.They are broad leaf trees.I dont recognize them , but they all know me. We have a silent relationship.We both mutually understand each others silent.They knw when to dance and make me feel good.They are best keepers of my secrets.One day i tried to name them all one by one but then i recognized one simple truth.Possession is trivial , friendship without a name is valuable.But they say, emotions have a place of their own.The path way encircles a lake.A dry lake. Some say , the lake was once full of biodiversity.They thought its a breeding ground for mosquitoes and dried it up to make a play ground.The lake is quite a large one.Thr are stairs leading to the bottom of it.I use to sit on one of those stairs.I like facing the vast out stretch of lake ahead of me.I dont knw but  , i kinda have an innate affinity towards expansion and vastness.I like uncertain vagueness.Eccentric thoughts often turns into ideas at the ebb of this vast outstretched lake.Spending time with your own self facing the vastness of universe ahead of you and experiencing the triviality of your being is quite an enlightening idea.Some times i sit thr for hours without a single thought and some times my time disappears in catching and reshaping nebulous thoughts.

While walking on the pathway, I all of sudden realized that what a coincidence it is , that today I am walking midst chilling wind and yet I am not feeling cold. I meant , though its cold yet since my mood is in a mode of experiencing and observing things therefore I m by coincidence enjoying a great gust of wind striking my face as if its a luxury.Are there any coincidences?or is it merely an outcome of one of the many choices that i made through out the day.There might be thesis to it and then there might be an antithesis, but can thr be a coincidence?I believe its merely a choice.One of many probable outcomes. Life to me , is more of a choice outcome continuum.In physics we use to study continuum where every process is a reversible one i.e quasistatic, but in here , in life , thr are no reversible reactions and processes. There might be possibility that same choice wont give the same outcome keeping all the external factors constant.Can thr be?

The lack of coherence in ideas often makes me frustrated , but then i knw hw to let them loose and wait.Either they wud  disappear or conjure into an actionable hypothesis.Sometimes life seems like rhetoric path way trip.Sometimes life seems to me like a gust of wind which i wish to experience with much love and excitement.Mood swings yeah i knw.


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