The purpose of life

As we grow older , the most easiest of the human queries turns into nightmares.Our longing for a deeper understanding of basic phenomenons turns out to be a nightmare at times.The world as we read in theories seems more perplexed in reality.We often trail the same paths to seek something out of it.Something which can be meaningful or which gives meaning to world and indirectly to us or vice-versa.It looks to us the we are nothing more than the choices we made or are going to make. And in this way we identify ourselves in terms of bewildered and often unresolved puzzles.Are we?So eager and impatient we often turn out in our search that we make vague notions as purpose of life giving meaning to it in an absolute way.Is it possible?Though introductory it is for the human existence to find meaning yet subtle it becomes when assessed in the terms of feasibility.Confusing arguments often derails our consciousness from the right track and we find that life is synonymous with nothingness–an abyss we love the most and find as truly an inescapable trap.The most superficial thing turns out to be the most complex and we run to take refuge midst chaotic understandings of life.Biologically the way life enfolds itself is truly a remarkable observation.It gives us hint towards a continuous evolution.An evolution of nothing into something more meaningful.The transformation of single cellular organism into multicellular and then on and on ….and we get a transformation of information as purpose of life so that life as a living entity must proclaim its rightful place in the universe.The quest is also of trying to establish living as “Unique”, for it is able to define as well as confine itself in subtle notions of purpose and meaning.And biologically we say purpose of life is to transfer information form one gene to another from one generation to another.True to my mind it looks.

Truth is a subjective reality and so is interpretation.It might differ from individual to individual and there might be every possibility that not every one is in quest for purpose and yet unconsciously fulfilling his/her purpose and giving meaning to his/her life.There cannot be an absolute truth , can there be ? on the basis of this logic we can presume that purpose of life might differ from individual to individual.The way each and every individual see’s his/her purpose transforms meaning of his/her life.On a generalized level we can say purpose must be something which fulfills a purpose of giving meaning to life.Some may argue , happiness some may observe joy and some might even go further and denounce the very fact and argue meaning of life as nothingness.As we all are travelling into an abyss unknown.Death whether transforms our energy or not, that’s a questions we must let the future to decide on.Vague ideas cannot be purpose for it needs to be definitive so as to bring or invigorate a sense of achievement flavored with motivation.This I believe is the purpose of giving a purpose of life.It might not be , I argue too.Confused though this argument looks but clear it is in its orientation as it furthers an important notion that there should be something meaningful attached to life which imbibes a sense of pride in being unique as an entity.This way I m sure the purpose of life must be living , for future is unknown as we cant exist for the time in five dimensions and therefore we can argue that , future holds key.Past is as immaterial as future when it comes to purpose.The distressed nature of this search ends if we should not consume our present in deciding whats the purpose is and rather believe in living the present. The purpose this way ensures its existence as uncertainty unfold the reality hidden in the future which gives meaning to life.How shall one live is the question we must work on ?


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