“Its love that matters”

‪#‎Governments‬ and ‪#‎laws‬ are and should have to be progressive in nature.Laws are meant to regulate a just ‪#‎social‬ contract.Governments work for the progress and prosperity of civil society.Our ‪#‎freedom‬ to choose our sexual orientation is a natural right of ours.No one else then us have the sovereignty over our body and this ensures right to choose our love.‪#‎LGBT‬people do have the same rights as we have and therefore their will should not perish at the the hands of colonial mindset.The Right to ‪#‎love‬ is an inherent part of ‪#‎human‬ definition.Its love that matters not the sex of the partner.Law should have to be progressive rather than rigid in its orientation.Change is the law of nature.We must have the courage and will to accept and embrace the inherent diversity in human orientation and definition. ‪#‎Right‬ to ‪#‎equality‬ must ensure that no one shall be differentiated in the court of law on the basis of sex along with other defined objectives.But what if our laws have inherent contradictions?DO we have the courage to Accept the grave ‪#‎mistake‬ and ‪#‎injustice‬ that we are perpetuating by trampling upon the rights of LGBT? Think????


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