“Once Again”


So many things to share.
I m crumbling once again.
So many words to utter.
I m mumbling once again.
Troubled or lost ,
I m shaking once again.
Hands on key pad , eyes on words ,
I m struggling once again.
Wanting sighs and a bit of punctuation to hold by ..
.I m shivering once again.
At the crux lie so many nights ,
so many yearnings rise high like a tide
like perturbations in time m floating once again
at the bottom, midst tidy rows
riding on lows, longings flow
I m juggling once again.
Like moments seizing me or me seizing moments ,
I m trembling once again ..
Once again Nostalgia hit my grounds ,
M here on my bed involuntary
evaporating once again…
I am Crumbling once again…….


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