Human and Biodiversity

Diversity is something which is intrinsic to evolution and vice-versa. We all read terms like “Biodiversity” , “Cultural Diversity” “Political Diversity”. so on and so forth. In the terms of Biological sciences, The more diverse , the more healthy an ecosystem will be. Actually diversity in biology represents — healthy chances of survival and favorable conditions for growth, for example , the tropics are more favorable for growth and survival of Living organisms and hence it has far more greater biodiversity then any other biome.Diversity leads to wider tropic levels and healthy options for an organism to prey and live. EVen to autotrophs evolution has provided with mechanisms to defend and survive. Nature knows no , differentiation like us “The humans”.For example in equatorial climate trees  grow to great altitudes with buttressed root system which gives them solid base and healthy absorption of water as run offs are quite fast.Every plant strives for sunlight and then you have epiphytes representing symbiotic relationships. Such brilliant organisation. Tremendous , isnt it ?? The survival of an organism depends upon how much will it restores after every fall. That means , Survival of fittest as darwin propounded. From the microorganism to macro-organism, every one striving hard to flourish and yet at the same time representing an organized way of life.It amazes me , the organizational diversity and the mechanisms to fight any contingency.There cannot be any better example of an organization then Nature , as the goal of entire range of species is survival and reproduction while at the same time maintaining the balance.The carrying capacity must be maintained and the development must be sustainable.From broad leaves to pointed nail like leaves, nature has different mechanisms at different biome levels.

With such strong basic developmental orientation inherently designed to maintain ecological balance,  still we hear and see widely pervasive warnings and threat to biodiversity to the  extent of a cataclysmic end of earth. The questions that haunt us are whether real or just a part of wider controversy often perplexes us.Whether to live in now and enjoy life or to think about the future generation and restore the balance–already been disturbed out of anthropogenic activities ?? Are the threats real? How much time do we have ? what shall we do ? What are the core issues which need our immediate attention? Are we human’s — a part of the ecosystem–are against the very survival of earth? Are we against our own survival? Are we the anomalies in the organisational system who out of their inherent self interest have devastated the environment and ecology to such an extent that now only prolongation of the catastrophic events can only be done? How long can we sustain the pressure ? How long the idea of so called sustainable development can procrastinate the end of all living species? The latest IPCC report –Fifth assessment report–substantiate four facts quite clearly.

1. We humans have crossed the carrying capacity of the earth.

2. Anthropogenic activities are solely responsible for climate change.

3. The rate of extinction of species on earth has become 100–1000 times faster in the anthropogenic era then earlier era.

4. Climate change is inevitable and so are the catastrophic events , we can only minimize the effect and sustain ourselves       for a longer time so as to find new  models, mediums and systems of survival.

The human impact on ecology and environment has been overstated –one argument. But then after the industrial era , not only the extinction rate and threat to ecology but climate overturns have become real and frightening.SO to me their’s No doubt that We the human’s are the anomaly in the system , like viruses , sucking blood out of every other species and at the same time pretending to be herbivores.

We are completely confused. Fighting over the pragmatism of the various threats to earth. Though it is important to check the authenticity of reports but yet what seems visible should not be overviewed in order to befool our own selves..No??

The climate change effects are quite visible , whether it be arctics getting ice free or great sink holes appearing in siberia, or disturbed El-nino effects in tropics and mid latitudes or torrential downpours in Tropics where rains used to widespread through out the months. Heavy rains and then prolong droughts are quite visible. California is going through one of its harshest drought ever and In India , we are having deficient monsoon in a line for the past two years.The coral threat is real and whatever remaining corals we have they are undergoing bleaching at large.

What efforts are we putting in to save the earth?? Sustainable development ??? if one looks’at the situation with even a superficial observation , he/she wont deny that it’s graver then one presumes. The first effort is to make consensus on the fact that , It’s happening ….And we are yet doing it …Please dont be amazed..The second effort is to align our efforts with the concept of sustainable development but then who knows what actually sustainable development is.?? Whether it should be seen from the eyes of nature and species or from human view, for the difference between both views can touch sky.What are we trying to save , Us or the earth ?? That’s also an interesting question …DO we think that our morality is compromised for our self interest has overtaken our conscience ??? The third effort is to fight over making consensus to make consensus that climate change is for real and happening at a rate faster then any report substantiates. The next effort is for the global governance to make parties agree on certain agendas in the direction of restoration of earth to its normal state…..But then its impossible now as per IPCC Fifth assessment report. The fight is also over who is more responsible ?? The dilemmas are graver…..The governments are confused , how to balance their effort to uplift standard of living of their citizens with global efforts to save environment and ecology. The pressures are large , for the dwindling ecosystems are putting wild life in confrontation with human. What to save and what to not ??? Whom to support and whom to not ? Tigers are few but then human’s are rarer then tigers…No??? Diclofenacs are more important then vultures. Sparrows are state bird but there’s no effort in direction of curtailing communication towers…for its still quite unclear whether they are cause leading to dwindling no’s of sparrows , that too after several reports…Dolphins and rivers are less important then water channels and commercial activities. Hills and plateaus  and the life they support and sustain with inherent biodiversity are less important then the minerals they hide..The exploitation of nilgiris becomes more important then Dongaria Kondh’s …The Jarava’s are less important then tourism… The Elephants are less important then highways…their habitats are compromised in order to facilitate road coverage ….Western Ghats are open to exploitation even when the endemic nature and extinction threat to its biodiversity is larger then to himalayas….The human greed has no ends…

We still are evolving and we still are not able to understand that evolution is subject to diversity…..Not greed..We must understand and must act in order to align our efforts. Its a global challenge…It;s not a day dream ..The threats are for real and we must have to act with consensus to save not only us but the whole planet with its biodiversity..Or else our conscious will never forgive us for the extinction of diversity that we inherited …..


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