Anxious…..I am.

Work gives meaning to life said Adam smith. I hope he meant, work is meaning of life! Not long ago , some of us cherished the new job. Nevertheless, so engulfing a work culture , we envisaged! I work for knowledge economy. It doesn’t matters where do you work.

Because rules will always decapitate you. Some of us are proud earners. Some of us find our work so enriching and fulfilling. The question is how long such a motivation can be maintained, that too midst job insecurity? The hire and fire culture!

Knowledge economies work on the foundation of creative minds. Creativity has more to do with liberty and less with discipline and rules.

A knowledge economy cannot afford an organization where formalization of processes and inputs become more important than the outcomes. This may only generate disenchantment among employees. And Deter creativity and expression.

Yes I am disenchanted. I don’t get only the meaning in my work, I find work demeaning my life! Perhaps my belongingness to my organisation has propelled beyond limits! My management is too rational to be sane!

A physicist once said, “No creative transformation can be brought about, without knowing the differences.” My organisation has a rule that rule is the only creative transformation through which a man can be made to thing rather then think!

In my organisation, departmentalisation has taken such a shape that the verticals have outgrown the organisation itself. They rarely interact. And the employee are not allowed to feel belongingness and yet are expected to contribute their best. Employee are more patient and dedicated then Christ , perhaps!

And the best part is, while the emphasis is on employee skill development, the least skilled is the management..Still trying to figure out how to develop interpersonal competence. Forgot that Management is more art and less science. And every amateur knows how to handle a brush!

Dissent is taken care of. One day you get up in the morning and your mailbox force you to regret, in the hindsight. And I read somewhere, successful organisations cherish dissent. The writer perhaps opium-ated rather than opined.

Bureaucracy can outlive its critics anywhere and every where. Robert Merton foolishly argued, ” when the rule becomes more important than the game”. Here ” Rule is the game”

And I was anxious.


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