The Excess of “Gyaan”.

Sitting opposite to my interviewer,I was feeling strange-not nervous at all.I wanted to be nervous, but coudn’t manage to achieve it. He stretched his neck into the laptop and asked me to introduce myself. It was strange,for my resume covers most of me.I was numb for almost two minutes and then he argued further,”resume doesn’t talks” which I replied in haste, Ohhh!! You want me to talk..As I started pouring all my “Gyaan” infront of him..but i forgot to introduce my readers with this word called Gyaan..It means knowledge.Gyaan is a hindi word.So i strated pouring all my gyaan about my self infront of him, which invited unwanted attention and subsequent questions…As it enters into it’s final stage, My interviewer asked me , “why did you skip Kashmir and chose other news items”. To which i humbly replied that , I dont follow Kashmir..and invited a subsequent question, why?? I added further, I cannot see a state perpetrating atrocities on its own subjects..But the interviewer was a patriot, how can one criticize govt infront of him.He argued for stop reading ‘The Hindu” as its anti state..I was bewildered with this excess of Gyaan being poured upon me..I chipped in and countered, it’s pro people, pro citizen thinking and might at times be conflictual with the orthodox govt view but to change govt’s orthodox views on the matters of rights of individuals is what a responsible citizen and press strives for..The interviewer was confident, like all patriots.And he must be.He was overflowing with gyaan.And i was confused.

As we evolve, our abilities to understand things gets better.This doesn’t necessarily means that we ought to be responsible all the time. As a biological machine, we ought to make mistakes.To err is human, a famous saying argues.With evolution, as our capabilities enhance and some of us become more equal then others, we often get overwhelmed.Overwhelmed by the sheer joy of being an intellectual and a thinker.And sometimes a practitioner.There are ideas which captivate our imaginations. We make them our ideologies. I donot see affection but an attachment to ideas and ideologies.Its necessary at times, for it puts much needed passion and gravity in our actions or efforts.We strive and argue for and against and often in the process forget to learn.The idea of human machine is a self evolving one. How do we evolve?? I think by continuously challenging our preconceived notions and prejudices.It’s a much needed exercise which challenges the orthodox in us and enhances our rationality, before we go obsolete.The state of perpetual proclamation of sovereignty over knowledge and overwhelming zeal to act as the guardian of ideology is what I call as “Excess of Gyaan”. Is it harmful-in the relative terms it’s destructive.All of us, once or twice in life go through this zeal of overwhelming urge to pour our knowledge onto someone else and contend a right over his inability or confusion.So sure we do feel.Like my interviewer who was so sure of his acumen that he argued against a newspaper which has a history of fighting against britishers and socio economic and socio psychological disparity.How well thought he was before he astonishingly dethroned a millenia old newspaper from its right ful place.The argument here is that, how do we judge? Judgement demands understanding and subsequesntly I argue, do we have time to understand?? Most of us usually never bother of thinking.Perhaps that’s human nature.Then how do we evolve? How do we better ourselves? How do we break such stereotypes? It’s a bit tough situation.The argumentation has crossed limits of self correction.In order to put ourselves frankly, we are enforcing ourselves onto others.Do we ever think, whether to argue or not to??

This question brings me to another observation. Most of us argue in order to defeat.The argumentative character is somehow missing.The debates get passionate as huge amount of ego’s clash and inorder to attain somethinh we attain nothing but a demise , notonly of the level of public discourse but of the tradition and learning as well.The excess of gyaan hurts us severely here.Inability to understand that one must think whether is it necessary to make an argument and will it judge the other guy and if it does what rationale and reason do we have to substantiate our argument, is ironic.

At the core of argumentative nature is  a zeal to learn and as Professor Sen argues, an ability to not to get overwhelmed by an idea.The excess of Gyaan is a curse to healthy public discourse.It hampers growth and evolutionary process.It’s imperative to develop within ourselves a tendency to accept and embrace our existence along with counter currents as well.


GodMan and Us

To create a deeper passion which makes our senses idle and our capability to distinguish between right and wrong jeopardized , is an art. Those who excel in it transcend themselves into godmen. They make people incapable of rationalizing arguments and taking stands of their own. The manipulation of minds to such a degree is indeed a part of emotional intelligence that a Godmen possess due to his/her excellent argumentative as well as rather emotive manipulating skills.He blocks the cognitive capability of people who fail to hear any divergent arguments.The skills are developed and cultivated due to voracious human resource management capabilities.You often will find Godmen as Fiery orators , who have the capacity as well as capability to mesmerized masses with their side of truth. They all have certain truth in their hand which they proclaim as the undisputed truth.The steady accumulation of power makes them vulnerable as critics start to look at them as a fear to the sovereignty of the individual, which indeed is true.Sometimes I fail to understand the premise of the arguments of their followers. Are the arguments well thought ? Do they infact carry a premise or they are rather a culmination of emotional overflow? Thats really a remarkable point to ponder on.I have found by reading several comments, that most of the arguments in favor of the Godmen are rather premise less. they are hollow and they all show the same rhetoric which infact points degradation of followers consciousness.More of the followers take the truth as it is and fail to seek their own truth and that means as a Godmen u need to have the capability to influence masses to such an extreme level that they loose their own control over their own consciousness. The ego than starts to seek a confirmation of the manipulated version of truth and the words themselves provide the fodder to the ego.A question that also arises from this version of interpretation is that , How can we break this cycle of producing godmen?

Why do We need Symbolic representation ?? why not hard solutions for genuine problems???

Symbolic representation like in the picture  is done I blv , to catch imagination of people and to create  illusions so as to generate perfect reasons for procrastination. Power which is thought as a mean to facilitate hard solution often fails its prescribed role and becomes an end in itself.Power than means accumulation of more power and for that the benefit lies in keeping problems persistent in time and space.
People are impatient for the immediate redressal of their problems and symbolic 10264094_10154844142545245_862282618765283278_orepresentation creates the required myth or illusion and hence puts the grievances in cold.

1836848_10154844143140245_856774329647188375_o.Symbolic representation is also necessary to perpetuate  propaganda on a virtual ground so that  it remains popular in public discourse and vested interest can earn political points.This also helps followers of the concerned political party to make a stand against the critics, for visibility even on virtual grounds seems unarguable to them, which certainly is not.
The announcement of real hard solution needs time and coherent effort in right direction which requires many discerning but like minded people who can create consensus in any democratically elected or constituted think tank or body.And for that one requires ample of time , Then hw can we maintain the faith of people in governance , A way is symbolic representation , it creates an illusion that the governance is at work or the political leadership is in action while they might be smoking marijuana i n some corner .